ID-10041296The Wolf Moon

 Looms on the horizon

A saucer behind an empty cup.

Old howling moon
Slipping between buildings
Wild night peering down
Summoning all waters
Oceans, ponds, fountains, blood

The old one howling
Nestling closer
Suffusing the night with
Ancient light.

I want to see it in true dark
Sans billboards
Sans streetlamps
Sans headlights
Nothing but the wolfish grin
Of a January moon
Filling the sky
Calling the canines to sing.

But what are billboards, streetlights,
Buildings and headlights
When a full moon comes calling?
Come to me, she insists.
Lose yourself
in my single eye

We, poor children,
Have lost our mother tongue
Have forgotten to wax and wane
And rest in darkness.

But you cannot deter the old ones.
Wolf Moon. Snow Moon. Hunger Moon.

© Deborah Edler Brown, 2016


Image of the Full Moon courtesy of Nixxphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net