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IMG_1623Flat Santa delivers gifts through the mail slot. His flat reindeer and flat sleigh hitchhike on the back of postal trucks and, occasionally, pack up into paper airplanes.

Every gift from Flat Santa looks small but is really a seed that grows into something larger. One year, Flat Santa brought me a desire to pack up books and move. Another, it was a pair of small scissors to release the leash that held me to my past. Once it was a just a word: Latina.

Flat Santa is the gift giver for writers and painters —  we of the rich, flat surface. My cousin got a new brush stroke last year and a continuous line the year before.

People are so distracted by the hue and cry of Christmas shopping and Mall Santas, they often overlook Flat Santa. But Flat Santa is the best Santa, since you can’t buy anything he gives you. But you can re-gift it, if you’re sneaky.

© Deborah Edler Brown, 2018