Mere Words Make Magic!

Think about it.

You take a few sounds or letters, shift them slightly, and paint a picture in someone’s mind.

Name something, and capture its essence.

Sing a song, share a poem, and you stir cauldrons of desire, despair, or inspiration.

A speech or article, well-timed, can change the tide of history.

And a book! Ah, books are portals to everywhere — the closest thing to time-travel we have.

Words — all words — are the DNA of thought, and as powerful as any abracadabra.

What do you want from words?

To tickle your mind?
Soothe your soul?
Advise? Inform?
Maybe you want to spark someone to action.
Or just spill yourself on paper and see what flowers.

Whatever your dream, assistance is a click away.

So welcome! Come in. Make yourself at home. See what magic we’ll stir up!

9 thoughts on “Mere Words Make Magic!”

  1. “Words — all words — are the DNA of thought”
    well said!
    can’t find your email but wanted to touch base.

  2. Words + pictures together, my dears: now THAT’s the DNA of thought. Don’t forget the pictures. You can see them even if you’re not able to draw them.

  3. “Mere Words Make Magic! Deborah Edler Brown” was in fact a marvelous blog, cannot
    help but wait to go through much more of ur posts. Time to squander numerous time online haha.
    Many thanks ,Julie

  4. Abigail Diego said:

    hi deborah
    this is abigail diego one of your ex english students at garfield adult school. i just wanted to know how you were doing and if you were still teaching?

  5. Your personal blog, “Mere Words Make Magic!

    | Deborah Edler Brown” midwestwg was worthy of writing a comment on!
    Only wanted to say you did a wonderful job. Thank you ,Warner

  6. Hi Deborah, Nina here. I came across a picture of you Marta & I over 20 years ago…OMG

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