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This little gem offered itself up in a recent session of Writing from the Well, and I asked Marianne for permission to share it. So, please welcome my first Guest Writer, Marianne Simon

By the time I have a chance to think, the timer has beeped, and we are done.

“Wait.” I shout out. “I’m not done. I haven’t even really started.” I shout out again, running after the bus pulling away from the page.

“Too late.” A voice laughs as a can is thrown from the window.

Winded, I can’t follow much further and finally slow to a halt, as that speedy notebook and all the little pens turn the corner, leaving me sadly behind.

“Why didn’t they just wait for me?” I think. “I was just a few minutes late.”

Out of the blue, a voice rumbles, “Time waits for no man.”

“What?” I nearly jump out of my seat.

The voice rumbles again. “Time waits for no man.”

I turn to look, and there, flapping on the ground, printed in black and white, Times New Roman, 36 point, are the words: “Time and Tide Wait for No Man.

Then, before my eyes, the words blur and readjust: “Time and Tide Wait for …. No Woman.”

I look around again, but there is no one there, just this piece of paper about to get mangled by an oncoming bicycle. So I scoop it up and hold it between my muddy fingers.

Just underneath it, sitting like a yellow blade, is a #2 pencil, sharply pointed.

© Marianne Simon 2015

Born to a family of artists, Marianne Simon has spent her life exploring creativity.  For over 20 years she worked as an actress and director.  She founded her landscape design company, Poetic Plantings as a way to share her love for growing things. Her consulting company, Speak Your Passion, helps women claim their voices and make a difference. And she is currently in production on a performance piece called “The Skins I Have Worn.”