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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. I don’t know who coined this one, but it seems to roll neatly off the tongues of teachers and parents alike, leaving budding young artists and athletes (of every age) afraid to risk the very mess that will teach them something: the stink note, the belly flop, the awful whiny drivel we need to write before we get to gold. But, sadly, there is no talent or bright idea that perfectionism can’t cure. And the world is poorer for the loss.

I tell my students that if you strive to write well, you’ll eventually write well, but you’ll never be brilliant. Brilliance makes messes. Again and again and again. So does play. So does passion. Just watch children. It’s passionate, messy, brilliant business. Worth doing because it’s worth doing.  And what a joy that is.
So what dream of yours is dying on the perfectionist vine? What mess can you make on its behalf? Can you let yourself do it badly? Let yourself be a newbie, or a little out of practice but eager? Can you let yourself play? Let yourself be?  Wouldn’t that be a New Year’s resolution!

If it is writing that calls, the Writing from the Well workshop is a safe, sweet space in which to explore the magical world of words. Come scribble in our sandbox. You never know what might show up.


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 

Robert F. Kennedy


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