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Before the last wrapping paper is sold on sale, the last decorations tucked away, before Valentine’s Day completely steals the spotlight from Christmas and New Years, who have both left the stage and are packed up, ready to go…I want to share a bit of writing whimsy from my first writing circle of the year: a half-day morning workshop called Digging the Well.

I had purposely left my tree up until Sunday, with plans for using ornaments as writing prompts. Of course, I got caught up with the Word Deck, a mainstay of my workshops, and with the delight of brand new voices at the table, so I almost forgot. But then, with one five-minute writing to go, I felt a rustle from the living room, a sense of voices just begging to be heard.

We all trooped in and stood before the tree, closed our eyes, turned in a circle, and chose the first item we saw when we opened our eyes again.

These three little guys had something to say before their long hibernation.

IMG_1040Snow Dad
by Debra Price Jackson

OK.  The holidays are over.  I am ready to go back in the box.  You know what, I am ready to retire; move from snow to sand.  Next year, I want to come back in a snow globe in swimming trunks, sitting on the beach with an umbrella, and shaking sand instead of snow.  Yep, wet from sand — not snow.  And this kid in my lap can stay home!  Maybe a cigar and a glass of Riesling would be nice.  That would be some naughty tree.  Santa could have his own beach globe.  Me and him just sunning and taking in the ocean,

OK, maybe the kid could come along.  After all, it’s the holidays.

Christmas Band Member
by Renette Christensen

Well!!!  It’s time for  a parade!!!

 I’m all dressed up in my uniform – and I can’t WAIT to start playing that John Phillip Sousa march. It always brings a smile to my face – although, I must admit, smiling is what I usually do.

I love playing the flute.  It is probably the happiest sound in the entire band. It sounds like a bird in flight, floating on the air and enjoying the freedom to go up, dive down, move in any direction with no cares except where they will catch that next bug, find the next berry, and keep themselves cozy when night comes in a home they have built for themselves.


Flat Santa
by Deborah Edler Brown

Flat Santa delivers gifts through the mail slot. His flat reindeer and flat sleigh hitchhike on the back of postal trucks and, occasionally, pack up into paper airplanes.

Every gift from Flat Santa looks small but is really a seed that grows into something larger.One year, Flat Santa brought me a desire to pack up books and move. This year, it was a pair of small scissors to release the leash that held me to my past. Once, it was the a word: Latina.

Flat Santa is the gift giver for writers and painters —  we of the rich, flat surface. My cousin got a new brush stroke last year and a continuous line the year before.

People are so distracted by the hue and cry of Christmas shopping and Mall Santas, they often overlook Flat Santa. But Flat Santa is the best Santa, since you can’t buy anything he gives you. Though you can regift it, if you’re sneaky.