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Sunday was the first writing circle of the year. A rare half-day workshop called Digging the Well. It’s a chance for people to sample the safe, playful space that makes up the Writing from the Well workshops, but on a low-key weekend morning.

What happens in a writing circle like this one? We pick random words from the Word Tarot. We play beat the clock in a kind of foot race with inspiration. We write fast and let our words surprise us. We hang out with wit and whimsy and sorrow and sass…anything and everything that’s been waiting for us to sit down with pen and paper and play.

Marianne caught the juicy feel of new writers in the room in the very first round and was gracious enough to share it here.

Probing the Hard Soil
by Marianne Simon

‘Lazy’ – our first word prompt to kick off the writing.  New voices at the table, while old friends sit in the background, waiting to welcome them in.

On your mark. Get set. Go.

And the sound of pens and pencils revving up, as palms begin drifting across the paper.

Can we hear their thoughts as they write?  What they want to say versus what they dare to say?

“Give them time,” Talkin says, settling back into his chair, putting his feet up on the bench. “They are brand new babies, let them get their wings under them.”

“But there is much they must do,” Petrov squeaks.  “The world needs their words…and soon.  Soon.”

The pens stutter and stall as they seek to find their rhythm, their pattern.  Feeling into the truth.  Probing the hard soil for a soft place to enter.

Talkin just puffs on his pipe and sighs.