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silhouette of girl stretchingI woke up this morning, and I did something different. I stretched. I know, I know. Lots of people stretch. But this wasn’t the stretch-what-aches stretch. Not the hamstrings, the shoulders, the traps. Those are always stiff, and I always seem to be talking to them. I talk a lot. This morning, I listened. I twisted myself sideways under the covers until I could drop my head, backwards, off of the edge of my bed. It felt weird and silly. I could feel how tight I was in my chest, how much my shoulders wanted to relax and couldn’t…not yet. But here’s the thing: when I finally stood up, I was breathing more deeply – all the way down into my belly – and I felt just a little closer to something I neglect but long for: the feeling of being balanced, of being whole, of being home

It got me thinking about resistance. We often resist our needs and dreams because we think we don’t have what we need: time, money, solitude, etc. But we also resist them because it’s uncomfortable to re-engage. It feels weird and awkward. Our muscles ache. And we have to experience the sorrow of having been gone so long.

Do it anyway. Whatever it is that you long for, take a small stretch in that direction. Sing a song. Tune your guitar. Do one sketch. Write one paragraph. Let it be awkward. Let it be terrible. Let it be sad. Let it be silly. Your most embarrassing effort puts you right on the path to your true destination: Balance. Wholeness. Home.

And if it is writing that calls you, the Writing from the Well workshop is a safe, playful space to stretch your literary muscles. Is there a poem you want to write? A novel you’ve been longing to start? Or do you just want to discover what you have to say? Come stretch with us!


Image courtesy of ponsuwan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net