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"From the Four-Chambered Heart" anthologyI am so excited to announce that my story “Such Stuff as Dreams” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Sybaritic Press. The story appears in their new anthology, “From the Four-Chambered Heart: In Tribute to Anais Nin,” and I am very grateful to the editor and publishers for choosing the piece for the anthology and for this honor. Makes a girl absolutely giddy!

It also makes me think about the choices we make (or at least I make) that let this kind of thing happen. If you will indulge me in a bit of reverse engineering, it goes (simplistically) like this:

  • The story was able to be nominated because it was published by a small press.
  • The story was published by the press because the editor chose it.
  • The editor able to choose it because it was submitted. (hang in there with me)
  • The story was able to be submitted, because it existed. (it’s coming…)
  • The story exists — NOT because I had a burning desire to write this particular story — but because I sat down in a writing circle, with a random prompt, to see what showed up. Because I do this a lot. Because that day, a story chose to land.

The first step, the plainest step, and often the hardest step, is that: showing up. Showing up by practicing something, whether it is sitting at a blank page, picking up a paintbrush or guitar, or driving to the gym. Showing up not because of some future goal like a prize or fame or the perfect six-pack, but because you have chosen to show up, because being in relationship with yourself, in this way, matters to you. When you show up, skill comes. Definition comes. Eventually, inspiration comes. And the door opens to surprises.

So, summer is ending. Kids are showing up at school. What will you show up for? What small step will you take on behalf of your desires?

If it is writing that calls, the Writing from the Well workshops are a safe, sweet space to meet yourself in the world of words. And you no longer have to be in Los Angeles to attend! The online class is as playful and intimate as the living room class. And you never know what might show up to meet you. 🙂