Animal husbandry

“We are not sheep!” they cried and threw their hair back into the wind. Barefoot, they stomped on the ground and raised their fists skyward. “We are not sheep!”

Across the field, white tufts of wool on four straight legs leaned into one another in confusion. Of course they weren’t sheep, they said as the whisper moved through the flock. Who would ever mistake these scrawny two-legged creatures for sheep? It was ridiculous!

“You are not sheep!” they cried. “You don’t have the legs, the wool, the patience!”

But all the two-leggeds heard was bleating. “We are independent!” they cried in unison, leaning into one another. “We are unique! We are not sheep!”

“What a funny flock,” said the lamb with one blue eye.

“Ridiculous,” coughed an ewe with spots.

“They all keep doing the same thing. It’s unseemly,” said a white butterball with long ears.

“They are not sheep!” pronounced an old ram whose collar rolled out thick and full. “They don’t have the dignity.”

© Deborah Edler Brown

Image courtesy of Wikipedia