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Public Domain FireworksTomorrow is the 4th of July, and I am celebrating independence from time, distance, and internal road blocks.

One of the things I love about writing is the way it stops time. Every story is caught forever, like a butterfly in amber, except that it flies anew with each reader, with each reading.

One of the things I love about modern technology is the way it bends distance. Right now, through the wonders of video conferencing, I am able to offer the magic and intimacy of the Writing from the Well workshops to students thousands of miles and several time zones apart.  The last session gathered students together from Hawaii, Oregon, and California; we are still amazed by the sweetness of gathering in my virtual living room.

And what I love about teaching these workshops is the way they can gently move you out of your own way,  to release the work that wants to be written.

So as we approach Independence Day, my question for you is, What internal tyrants do you need to overthrow?

If it’s writer’s block, procrastination, fear, or distractions, Writing from the Well can help…no matter where you live.

Public Domain Butterfly image