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American Stroke AssociationWhat will I find, I wonder, what will I discover between two miles and 26.2? It’s going to be an adventure. Arthur says it’s going to change my life. So I’m not planning past the marathon itself. I tell people I don’t know who I’ll be then.

Thank you for the amazing show of support on this journey. I am having so much fun, and the reaction from friends and family is no small part of it. I have been amazed at your generosity, encouraged by your enthusiasm, and delighted by your delight and amusement at the idea of me doing something like this. One friend said, “You know, just the idea of your doing hard core training is worth the money!” I’ve heard it called Team Deb, the Deb-a-thon, and my own Outward Bound (although Inward Bound would be more accurate, given how much I am learning about myself!). It’s been an incredible experience.

“I get scared easy” is what I told Bert the Coach on my medical form, under “what else do we need to know about you.” I get lost easy might be equally true. 🙂

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in an individual’s determination.
Tommy Lasorda


In 2005, I stunned myself by signing up to walk the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon on behalf of the American Stroke Association. This post is one of a series of reflections and Training Tales from that time. The whole series begins here.