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A friend called me today, struggling with the uncertainty of a leap of faith. “That’s why it’s a leap of faith,” I told her. “If it was certain, it wouldn’t be faith. It would be gratitude.”

It seems like everyone I know is leaping these days. Times feel uncertain, and no one knows what’s around the next corner. I certainly feel it, and the draft of the unknown is cold against the skin.

But then, so are the winds of possibility, and who is to say that we know the difference? “Deus escreve certo por linhas tortas,” my Brazilian grandmother used to say. “God writes straight through crooked lines.”

What I do know is that one bet you can’t lose is the one you take on yourself. The decision to pursue a dream doesn’t have to be an all or nothing gamble. Making time to write, to sing, to draw in the middle of uncertainty — even if it’s a few minutes a day or once a week — will connect you to your deep self and solutions you can’t think your way into. It also feeds the soul and, who knows, may open up doors you haven’t imagined.

So what dream of yours has been waiting for the right time? The safe time? Can you take a leap of faith in its direction? A small one? What do you have to lose? The crooked lines might take you someplace you can’t even imagine.

[Please note: If it is writing that calls, the Writing from the Well workshop is a safe, sweet space in which to explore the magical world of words. Come scribble in our sandbox. You never know what might show up.]